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Jazzonian | Jazz Museum of Florida, Inc


Our next event is the Annual Celebrating Charlie Parker Festival - Date TBA

Best Young Jazz Saxophone Player Competition

Honoring the music legacy of saxophone icon Charlie Parker, Jazzonian proudly presents Best Young Jazz Saxophone Player Competition.

The Jazz Museum of Florida is in the City of Hialeah

Jazzonian - Jazz Museum of Florida pernanent exhibit is located on the campus of Excelsior Language Academy k-8 Charter School, 369 East 10th Street, Hialeah, Florida 33010. All visits currently by appointment. To schedule a group tour or school field trip to Jazzonain, call 305-298-2380.

South Florida Jazz Oral History
Jazzonian is extremely pleased to announce its South Florida Oral History project: a video documentary series featuring interviews from elder Jazz musicians and others, presenting stories about the South Florida Jazz scene from the past.

Call for Memorabilia - Collectibles
Jazzonian is pleased to announce a call for Jazz memorabilia and/or collectibles to be part of its traveling multimedia exhibition and/or permanent collection.

If you have Jazz vintage photos, original artworks, audio/video, sound recordings instruments, artifacts or any forms of Jazz memorabilia that you would like to lend or donate to Jazzonian, contact

Jazzonian Historical Preservation Archive 
We are extremely pleased to introduce The Jazzonian Historical Preservation Archive: a museum initiative relating to the collection and preservation of historical memorabilia and artifacts, vintage LP recordings, literature, photographs, art, and film as it relates to documenting the history of Jazz in Florida as well as Jazz in general for exhibition and as part of the Jazzonian cultural arts educational outreach initiatives.

If you have any old Jazz books and/or vintage Jazz LPs that you would like to donate, please contact us with your kind offering @ or call 305-298-2380.

Documenting the Florida Jazz Landscape
Jazzonian proudly announces its visual arts initiative to document the Florida Jazz landscape. Photographers are invited to contribute images that will be part of the Jazzonian archive to be used as part of future exhibits and educational cultural arts initiatives. Contributions can be submitted for review in the form of digital high-res images as well as vintage photographs. If you are interested in contributing to this initiative, please contact Jazzonian,

JAZZONIAN Community Outreach
As part of our commitment to inspire, educate, and bring people together, Jazzonian museum is pleased to present its educational historical cultural arts multimedia exhibit entitled “The Magical World of Jazz!” at schools and special events as part of its community out-reach initiative. It can also be combined with a Jazz concert performance, film showcase, historical lectures, Jazz audio Jam session and/or interactive Jazz workshops for children and adults.

"Jazz is an American national treasure. Inspiring and educating young audiences as to the rich history and wonders of Jazz is a top priority," Said Bobby Ramirez, Founder and President of Jazzonian.


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Letter from the Founder and President of Jazzonian: Bobby Ramirez


JAZZONIAN Traveling Exhibit
As part of our commitment to inspire, educate, and bring people together, JAZZONIAN is available as a traveling exhibit to local community schools, institutions and organizations seeking to create more awareness of Jazz while celebrating the rich history of this unique American art form. If you would like JAZZONIAN to be part of your special event, contact Bobby Ramirez,



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