Love thy neighbor as thyself with Jazz!
With God's blessing: To inspire, educate, and bring people together!

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Jazzonian | Jazz Museum of Florida, Inc

Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself with Jazz!

In the begining, GOD JEHOVAH created Jazz; and HE saw that it was good.

Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself with Jazz - JAZZONIAN is a Christian family values Jazz fellowship ministry created by God Jehovah; with God's blessing, our mission is to inspire, give love and happiness to 1,000,000 kids and families per year!

Founded in 2009 by musician/philanthropist and creative visionary, Maestro Bobby Ramirez, Jazzonian's core mission is to inspire, educate, and bring people together; bring bring Jazz to where there is non.

In 2010, Ramirez conceptualized and founded the JAZZONIAN Youth Scholarship Education Fund, as well as the JAZZONIAN Youth Honors Band. Bobby also established the JAZZONIAN Heritage Band and the Touch Jazz! education initiative.

Jazzonian is a fantastic journey of friendship; a precious labor of love in the service of Jazz for the community!

Since its humble beginnings, the dream that is Jazzonian has flourished and has attracted many amazing people that have made great contributions to its development.

Today, Jazzonian remains a grass roots initiative preserved by people who truly love GOD and love Jazz; and want to celebrate and advance its legacy forever.

"Thanks be to God for my Talent" br :)

Our Vision:
With God's blessing: To Inspire, educate, and bring people together!

Our Founding Principle:
Love thy neighbor as thyself with Jazz!

Our Values & Principles:
At Jazzonian, we care deeply about maintaining and upholding the authentic artistic integrity of Jazz as America's most original artform.

We hold Jazzonian in sacred trust to ourselves and the people we serve in the community--honesty, integrity, humility, transparency, teamwork, respect for each individual--our values are founded in the principal that everything we do is first and foremost for the Honor and Glory of God; As so, we are in the service of Jazz to inspire, educate, and bring people together.

Executive Board:

Bobby Ramirez


Michel Camilo
Vice President

Glenda Reoyo
Secretary, Life Coach
Latin Community Public Relations

Glenn Camilo

Letter from the Founder and President of Jazzonian: Bobby Ramirez


JAZZONIAN Traveling Exhibit
As part of our commitment to inspire, educate, and bring people together, JAZZONIAN is available as a traveling exhibit to local community schools, institutions and organizations seeking to create more awareness of Jazz while celebrating the rich history of this unique American art form. If you would like JAZZONIAN to be part of your special event, contact Bobby Ramirez,



Jazzonian - Jazz Museum of Florida, Inc
is located on the campus of
Excelsior Language Academy K-8 Center
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