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With God's blessing: To inspire, educate, and bring people together!

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In the begining, GOD THE FATHER created Jazz; and HE saw that it was good to inspire, educate, and bring people together.

Jazzonian is the Jazz Museum of Florida Inc: bringing Jazz to where there is none through community service.

Jazzonian Proudly Presented the 3rd Annual Celebrating Charlie Parker Festival

JAZZONIAN Kids Club @ My School Inspires Family Values

Kids are inspired to learn about Jazz as part of various interactive fun activities—including: team-building, music games, drum & rhythm circle, music appreciation, drawing, dancing, singing, creative writing, poems, puppet show, theater, storytelling, listening parties, film festival, play an instrument, and more!

Jazzonian Kids Club Visit Hialeah Middle School

Visit JAZZONIAN - Jazz Museum of Florida in Hialeah

Jazzonian - Jazz Museum of Florida pernanent exhibit is located on the campus of Excelsior Language Academy k-8 Charter School, 369 East 10th Street, Hialeah, Florida 33010. All visits currently by appointment. To schedule a group tour or school field trip to Jazzonain, call 305-298-2380.

Kids are Looking to Jazz for inspiration

In today's Jazz climate, it's not enough to present Jazz. Kids today are looking to Jazz for inspiration.

Jazzonian Brings Jazz Where There is None

Jazzonian is extremely pleased to announce its new home for its trailblazing program Jazzonian Kids Club at the Excelsior Language Academy Charter School in Hialeah, Miami, Florida.


Jazzonian Youth Volunteer Corps

The mission is to inspire young people to participate in service to the community.

See Photos of the 2nd annual Celebrating Charlie Parker Festival

Thank you to all the great staff at the Bienes Center for the Arts and all the Jazzy Trailblazer volunteers that helped make this event possible in the service of Jazz. Thank you to all the great musicians who participated. Thank you for all of the generous donations which benefit the Jazzonian Youth Scholarship Fund and community outreach programs. Photos by Glenda R Glenda Mujer Esperanza.

Why is JAZZONIAN here? Why am I here?
Hopefully, some of these affirmations will resonate in your mind, remove any doubts, and inspire you to join in this wonderful journey of making this amazing dream of establishing JAZZONIAN somewhere in South Florida a reality.

Donate Old Photos of the South Florida Jazz Scene

The Jazzonian Historical Preservation Archive is building a memorabilia collection of artifacts, vintage LP recordings, literature, photographs, art, and film as it relates to the history of Jazz in Florida as well as Jazz in general. For more information, write to: info@jazzonian.org

Join the JAZZONIAN Fellowship

It starts here: One brick at a time! One dollar at a time! One person at a time! Five-ten years from now, you can say that you where directly connected and contributed as part of the ground-breaking "$1,000,000 Build a Jazz Museum Fellowship" grassroots movement. Join the JAZZONAIN Fellowship. Make a donation today.


JAZZONIAN is a cultural arts museum initiative that seeks to inspire, educate and bring people together

JAZZONIAN is a Christian family values Jazz fellowship ministry created by GOD THE FATHER; with God's blessing, OUR MISSION is to inspire, give love, hope and happiness to 1,000,000 kids and families per year; empower young people to realize his/her full potential and become exceptional leaders through Jazz.


Watch Yourself - Beyond this point: "It Starts with People, and Ends with People"

In the beginning, God created Jazz; and HE saw that it was good to bring people together; share in this rhythm of life, liberty, in the pursuit of happiness smile :) Thanks be to God for my Talent

"Part of our mission is to inspire, give love, hope and happiness to 1,000,000 kids and families per year", said Bobby Ramirez, Founder and President of Jazzonian.

"Jazz is a window to the human experience that enables each person to achieve his/her full potential as part of this wonderful American artform; set the bar high; make a conscience choice to become exceptional at whatever each individual decides to do in life."

"In that spirit, Jazz has the potential to inspire family values, creativity, perseverance, positive self-esteem, freedom of expression, leadership, and community service." br

Make a tax-deductable donation to JAZZONIAN. Invest in the future of Jazz! Click here!

Letter from the Founder and President of Jazzonian: Bobby Ramirez


JAZZONIAN Traveling Exhibit
As part of our commitment to inspire, educate, and bring people together, JAZZONIAN is available as a traveling exhibit to local community schools, institutions and organizations seeking to create more awareness of Jazz while celebrating the rich history of this unique American art form. If you would like JAZZONIAN to be part of your special event, contact Bobby Ramirez, info@jazzonian.org



Jazzonian - Jazz Museum of Florida, Inc
is located on the campus of
Excelsior Language Academy K-8 Center
369 East 10th Street, Hialeah, FL 33010
305-298-2380 - info@jazzonian.org

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